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Certified Life Mastery Consultant
Life Mastery Coach Award of Excellence

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Coaching Programs
Into Your Genius
The current thinking you use is only the veneer to the mind of the Universe. Your mind is a switching station between life as you know it and what’s truly available for you. When you learn how to effectively unlock your hidden genius and tap into your potential — in service of your goals, dreams, and what matters most to you — you dramatically cut your learning curve. Life gets easier, more fulfilling, and a whole lot more fun!

Based on the ground-breaking findings in Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, the Into Your Genius audio course reveals Six Powerful mental faculties, that when applied to your life minimize the struggle in goal achieving and create new and increasing levels of success.

Here’s just some of what you will learn in this life-enhancing program:
Simple methods for achieving more with less effort.
The process for how to breakthrough limiting beliefs and rid your life of self-sabotage.
How to think on the level of your dream, amplifying the speed at which you see results.
Exercises to develop your hidden mental faculties, which most successful people in the world have used to increase their results, and how you can use them too.
Proven strategies for over-coming tough times and how to create less stress and more peace of mind.
Methods for how to stay focused and be more productive rather than just busy.
An easy process for generating life-giving ideas.
Inspirational stories and examples of how others have achieved success.
And much, much more.

The complete 6 week Into Your Genius Learning System Includes:
The complete audio program on 6 CDs
Teaching, facilitating and laser coaching during the program
Weekly group tele-class for 6 weeks
Your personal “Into Your Genius” comprehensive guidebook
High powered practices and exercises to develop your hidden faculties
One 30 minute individual coaching session to help calibrate your vision

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To Your Success,
Lynn Tranchell